It all started back in 1997 in Columbus, Mississippi, with humble beginnings. BenCorp Publishing was established with the intention of printing short stories. However, the writers never came, and the presses soon ran dry. In 2003, BenCorp moved to Greensboro, Georgia, where there was a need for unskilled manual labor and yardwork. The leaders of BenCorp decided to branch out, and created Random Tasks, Ltd. This proved to be a successful venture, and still continues today. With technology growing daily, the leaders at BenCorp noticed that some people, particularly older persons, needed to learn how to use a computer. To go along with that, they needed to have someone who could provide technical support. Thus, BenCorp Computer Services and Technical Support was born, eventually growing and merging into Hockey Mom Computer Services. In 2009, BenCorp moved its main headquarters to Statesboro, Georgia, with its main subsidiary branch in Greensboro. Fruit Cup Recording Studios, a minor division of BenCorp, specializes in movies, music, and getting them to you. Recently, BenCorp Drunken Babysitting Services was founded, so that inebriated persons, particularly young ladies, would always have a safe way home, and hopefully not make a bad decision that would affect them for the rest of their life. This is the history of BenCorp. We hope you will choose us for all your needs!